Chief’s £361k ‘golden goodbye’

A FORMER police authority chief received a redundancy payment of £361,950.

Joe McCarthy left his chief executive post with Cleveland Police Authority a year ago, when he was given the “golden goodbye” from his £112,398-a-year post.

It is one of two taxpayer-funded pay offs totalling more than £570,000 made to senior force figures.

Caroline Llewellyn, solicitor to Cleveland’s Chief Constable Sean Price, got a £213,379 payoff from her £104,871-a-year post.

Cleveland Police Authority and Cleveland Police said the payments are in line with the terms and conditions of employment and will produce long-term savings.

Cleveland Police is facing a £17m cut to last year’s budget of £132m this year and next.

As part of its attempts to cut costs, the force is looking to lose 230 officers, including forcing 161 officers with 30 years of service to retire.

The details of the payments were revealed in the force’s annual statement of accounts for 2010/11. The document also gives details of salaries paid to top officers in Cleveland Police.

Total remuneration excluding pension contributions included Chief Constable Sean Price, £191,905; Deputy Chief Constable Derek Bonnard, £118,052 and Assistant Chief Constable Dave Pickard, £106,978.

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Assistant Chief Constable Sean White, £113,615, and Assistant Chief Officer Ann Hall, £102,817.