Children have fun in the kitchen

NURSERY children enjoyed a flippin’ good morning in the kitchen as they showed off their cookery skills.

The children from Grange Primary School nursery, in Owton Manor Lane, Hartlepool, were hard at work as they teamed up with supermarket staff to make their own pancakes.

The smiling youngsters enjoyed a whole host of fillings to go with their delicious creations.

And nursery teacher Gaynor Parkinson said as well as having a lot of fun to mark pancake day, the activities tied in nicely with subjects they have been learning about in class.

Mrs Parkinson said: “The children have been learning about the significance of Shrove Tuesday, and about Jesus and the resurrection.

“The cooking also linked in with maths because they were weighing and measuring the different ingredients.

“They were also looking at the ingredients turning from liquids to solids which ties in with their science work.

“And the most important thing, the children seemed to really enjoy themselves.”

The school welcomed Joanne Tweddle, the community co-ordinator at Asda, in Hartlepool, who worked with the morning and afternoon nursery children.

Joanne said: “I really enjoy going to the different schools in Hartlepool and doing things like this.

“The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves and they were all very helpful.

“It’s great that it links in with what they have been studying in class too.”