Children help save ravine fall woman

THREE youngsters came to the rescue of a panic-stricken woman after she tumbled down a cliff edge and shouted desperately for help.

Jack Caswell, 14, stayed by the side of the woman, who was unable to move, while his younger sisters, Megan, 11, and Bo, eight, alerted paramedics who were arriving on scene.

Bo, Jack and Megan Caswell

Bo, Jack and Megan Caswell

The woman, who doesn’t live in the area and was staying at a nearby bed and breakfast, was trying to make her way to the beach when she fell down the 20ft ravine at Blackhall.

Fortunately she didn’t suffer any major injuries in the accident, which happened around 4.15pm, but was airlifted to James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough, for treatment.

The woman had her mobile phone with her when she fell and had called emergency services for help, but was unable to explain exactly where she was.

At that point, Jack, Megan and Bo were walking nearby with their dad, Paul, 49, and heard the woman’s shouts for help.

Jack, who is a student at Shotton Hall Comprehensive School, rushed down to talk to her and reassure her while his dad and sisters alerted paramedics who were just arriving at the scene.

Paul, who lives in Wingate and works at NSK Bearings, in Peterlee, said: “We weren’t even going to walk that way but the kids wanted to go along the tops, it’s a good job really.

“We just heard a woman shouting for help and as we looked down could see her laid there.

“Jack went down to be by her side while we rushed to show the paramedics where she was.”

Jack said: “She said she had heard a crack in her foot or ankle when she fell but luckily her injuries weren’t any worse than that.

“I guess it’s a good job someone was walking past, it would have took them ages to find her there.”

Paramedics treated the woman on the scene while coastguard officials launched a rescue helicopter from RAF Humber.

The woman was winched into the helicopter and flown to the hospital for treatment.

A Humber Coastguard spokeswoman said: “We received reports of a woman who had fellen 20ft down a ravine.

“The helicopter was launched because we had to airlift her from the position she had finished in.

“The only other way was to carry her back up the cliff which would have been dangerous.

“She had suffered injuries to her ankle.”