Chimney-fall road remains closed

A BUSY town centre road that was cordoned off due to an unstable chimney stack is expected to remain closed until a landlord repairs it.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s structural engineer has inspected the stack at a house in the town’s St Paul’s Road.

Council chiefs say the road, closed for public safety since Saturday, cannot be reopened until the owner of the property takes steps to carry out repairs.

They have been in touch with the landlord of the rented property and have urged them to get the work done immediately.

A council spokesman said: “We were alerted on Saturday after reports that part of a chimney of a property in St Paul’s Road had collapsed.

“The road was closed between Hutton Avenue and Thornton Street and remains closed.

“We have spoken to the owner and stressed the importance of carrying out repairs immediately so that the road can be re-opened.

“We have impressed upon the owner that the chimney checks be carried out immediately on the chimney so it can be made safe or any necessary repairs can be done.

“We want the road open as soon as possible.”

Following the incident the council also advised neighbouring residents to carry out checks on their chimneys.

The Mail reported yesterday how the road was closed at 1pm on Saturday after firefighters were called when bricks came loose and crashed onto a car belonging to the tenant.

The road, used as a short-cut through the town centre, has been dubbed a “rat-run” by residents and some said they were glad the closure had brought peace and quiet.