Chipping in with laughs

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COMEDY chiefs have looked back on a successful season of smiles – and promised more of the same in 2013.

The Hot Potato Comedy Club has become one of the success stories in Hartlepool in recent months with new and exciting comedians being attracted to the monthly gigs at the Town Hall Theatre.

Organisers at promoters Ten Feet Tall say more of the laughter-filled nights are on the way.

Graham Ramsay, of Ten Feet Tall, said: “It’s the nature of our business to always be focused on the next show or the next run of dates, and we don’t very often allow ourselves the luxury of looking back.

“That said I think that the whole team and all our partners can be really proud of the line-up that we’ve put together between us this year.

“I don’t think that there’s any doubt that this was far and away the best programme of comedy that Teesside has ever seen.”

Hot Potato is only one of six comedy clubs now running across the Tees Valley.

Graham added: “At Ten Feet Tall we’re promoting comedy in half a dozen different venues now, and the acts, the crowds and the ticket sales have been amazing across the board.

“Let’s see if we can top it in 2013 – it won’t be easy, but we’ll give it our very best shot.”

Hot Potato returns on Saturday, February 23. Further details are expected to be announced soon.

Acts which have appeared over the past year have included Phil Nichol, Raymond & Mr Timpkins Review, Matt Reed, Nick Doody, Mike Wilkinson and Jason Cook.

For more information on all the shows coming up in 2013, visit