Chris now helps others to beat their demons

CHRIS eventually overcame the odds, got his life on track and is now helping other addicts.

He is volunteer manager at the Elim Living Waters Church, in Whitby Street, Hartlepool.

He said: “We have a 100 per cent success rate as all of our residents who have remained committed to the programme and are now completely drug and alcohol free, which also includes addiction to prescribed medication.”

Plans could see other rehabilitation centres open under the Elim banner.

Chris is now overseeing numerous rehabilitation projects, “helping others break free from addiction and mending broken lives”.

Elim Church is also a signpost for other 35 Christian Rehabs worldwide - all free of charge, providing immediate admission.

Chris, who lives above the church, has taken 13 reformed addicts under his wing.

“Our church is multi-functional, consisting of a men’s rehab, church service, youth club, clothes bank, food bank, town pastors and a café which is operated by recovered addicts.”

He is pioneering businesses within the ministry including gardening and decorating, giving the residents new skills.

There are proposals for an accommodation facility to help people get gradually back into society.

Chris said: “We are becoming self-sufficient and these apparent broken and unemployable men are running the rehab and businesses themselves and are doing it remarkably well.

“People are reintegrated back into society with our community outreach work and reunited with their families.”

Chris said he now sees his children every week, sees his family, is in a new relationship and gets to see others set free from addiction.

He urged people needing help to contact him on 07758923699.