Close shave for friends as they raise funds for Hartlepool youngster’s treatment

Ste Cotson, right, and Kyle Jeffries are set to take part in a sponsored head shave.
Ste Cotson, right, and Kyle Jeffries are set to take part in a sponsored head shave.

Kind-hearted pals are set for a close shave as they raise funds to go towards a brave youngster’s treatment.

Ste Cotson and Kyle Jeffries, from Hartlepool, are to take part in a charity head shave.

Funds raised will go towards the cost of an operation for Hartlepool miracle twin Archie Garthwaite, who suffers from cerebral palsy.

The family of the four-year-old are hoping he will be able to undergo pioneering surgery abroad.

Archie’s mum Hayley Kennedy, of Irvine Road, Hartlepool, launched a campaign called ‘Please Help Me Find My Feet’ to raise £50,000 for an operation which could help him walk independently.

He and his twin brother Harley were born 17 weeks early in 2012, and were the most premature set of twins in the country to survive when they were born weighing less than 2lbs each.

Archie underwent open heart surgery at just two weeks old after doctors found a hole in his heart, and the hope now is that he can go under the knife again to help him walk.

Ste and Kyle hope to raise over £300 for the youngster, and when that figure is reached, the head shave will take place.

Ste, who owns the Lab Gym, on Darlington Street, Hartlepool, said: “One of Archie’s relatives trains with us and asked if we would help in any way.

“We have done a lot of charity ventures before, and when we heard about Archie, we just wanted to do our bit in whatever way we could.

“It would be fantastic if he was able to walk independently, and it’s only natural that we would want to help him and his family.

“We want to raise as much money as possible, because the family have targeted £50,000.

“Hopefully we can put a little bit towards that and perhaps if more people do similar things, we might be able to get Archie the operation.”

Donations ahead of the head shave can be made at the gym, on Darlington Street, the Headland.