Coastal erosion online

INFORMATION about coastal erosion is now just a click away for residents.

Local authorities across the region have worked closely with the Environment Agency to produce coastal erosion information similar to the flood maps which are already available online.

From today, data will be available for Hartlepool, County Durham Northumberland, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, and Redcar and Cleveland.

Environmental chiefs say it brings together data from different sources, based on the best scientific information available, and in an “accessible and simple” format.

The data will help the public and local authorities with planning and funding decisions for flood and coastal defence schemes.

The information will also be available for potential developers of sites along the coastline and will be an additional source of information for the council planners.

Clare Steward, of the Environment Agency’s asset system management team said: “Change along our coastline is a natural and ongoing process.

“Where the sea meets the cliffs and shores, it causes the sediment or rocks to be broken down and washed away.

“Erosion can happen under any conditions, but its rate tends to increase when waves are powerful and water levels are high – for instance during storms or high winds.”

Local authorities have already adopted Shoreline Management Plans which explain what councils and other agencies will do to protect the coastline and manage any risks to its future.

The coastal erosion risk information is available here.