Commissioner plans to tackle hate crime and re-offending

Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger.
Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger.

A police chief has set out his priorities for the force for the next five years.

Barry Coppinger, Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland, has published an updated Police and Crime Plan for the next five years.

He says its five core objectives reflect the public’s policing priorities and have been drawn up after extensive feedback including attending over 400 community meetings in the last year.

Mr Coppinger said: “This document gives more detail on each of the key objectives and how the Chief Constable and I will work together, and in collaboration with a wide range of partners, to achieve this.”

Under the priority of investment, Mr Coppinger says efficiencies have freed up £1.5 million for neighbourhood policing, while the sale of Cleveland Police’s Ladgate Lane HQ will see the force move into a high-tech base at Hemlington Grange.

Mr Coppinger said: “Neighbourhood policing is still important. We will retain that focus and look to develop it where opportunities emerge.”

Victims are another key priority. A victim care and advice service has been set up with Durham commissioner Ron Hogg, and Mr Coppinger says he will bring partners together to tackle hate crime.

Tackling the cycle of re-offending is another key area of the plan, as well as working with a range of partners, and other forces, to make Cleveland safer.

The final priority is to communities with Mr Coppinger pledging to engage with all 79 Cleveland wards and lobby for greater funding.