Community crews clean up Hartlepool’s Burn Valley

AN ongoing campaign to ensure people in Hartlepool take pride in their neighbourhood is moving into its second year.

Respect Your Neighbourhood involves a full day of action in a particular area of the town one day a month.

This year’s campaign started in the Burn Valley Ward and targeted Burn Valley Gardens and allotments and neighbouring streets from Elwick Road to Penryhn Street.

Councillor Allan Barclay, Vice-Chairman of the Council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee, said: “Once again the Respect campaign is targeting issues which concern local residents.

“The majority of people in the Burn Valley Ward have respect for their local area and their neighbours – our target is the small minority who don’t.”

The campaign is led by Hartlepool Council and involves other organisations such as the police, fire brigade and housing providers under the banner of the Safer Hartlepool Partnership.

Ahead of the day of action, the participating organisations work with ward councillors and members of the public to identify the issues that need tackling.

Throughout the year, all 11 borough wards will be made the focus of the campaign on a rotation basis.

Allan added: “Everyone needs to act responsibly and not create the sort of issues which we then have to tackle at considerable cost in action days such as this, because the more we have to spend clearing up, the less money there is to spend on other things, at a time when our budgets are getting smaller and smaller.”

A range of activities were carried out on the day including dog fouling patrols, while 22 dogs received free health checks and vaccinations from the Dogs Trust.

Fixed penalty notices and warnings were handed out for illegally parked vehicles and to four houses regarding rubbish in the back yards.

Empty properties that had been broken into on Grasmere Street were made secure, while repairs were earmarked for a damaged fence in the allotments and an uneven footpath in the park.

Rubbish dumped in back streets was cleared and leaflets were distributed to 700 properties explaining to residents the need to avoid leaving bins in back streets where they become targets for vandalism and arson.