‘Condensation’ was damp

Justin Everitt
Justin Everitt

A DISGRUNTLED resident is finally getting repair work done on his home after 12 months of living in damp conditions.

Justin Everitt said black mould and dampness downstairs was so bad he was forced to live in the upstairs of his semi-detached home and refused to allow his family and friends to visit as he was so ashamed of his living conditions.

He added that the conditions were not helping his asthma and that he had pleaded for East Durham Homes (EDH) to rehouse him but was told the house was fine.

But more than a year after moving into the property and being plagued by damp, action is now being taken to rectify the situation.

Justin, 26, of William Morris Terrace, in Shotton Colliery, said: “East Durham Homes were just messing me about.

“I’m depressed to hell.

“It’s taken them this long to admit it wasn’t condensation, but I still want to move.

“Everything is that bad, I have been living upstairs, the place just stinks.”

He said problems began in February last year when pipes burst under his kitchen floor, which caused a leak.

Justin, who does not work as he claims sickness benefits, said EDH workers fixed the pipe, but housing bosses said the dampness was condensation and gave him dehumidifiers.

He added that the leaks persisted and staff pulled up his floor to try to fix the problem again, but he was still left with a soaking floor, which, in turn, seeped into his living room carpet, which he says he has not been compensated for.

Justin added that an EDH inspector called earlier this week, but he did not hear him knock and when he rang back to explain the problem, he was still told “it sounds like condensation”.

He said: “I have got no other options left.

“I was previously in a private flat, but it was unsecure and I went with East Durham Homes thinking they would do any repairs – clearly they haven’t.”

An EDH spokeswoman said: “The inspection team at East Durham Homes visited Mr Everitt’s home this week and work is being scheduled to address dampness.

“East Durham Homes has provided advice to the tenant in relation to preventing future condensation.

“Mr Everitt has also received advice from our tenancy management team on how to improve his banding.

“A tenancy support worker was due to visit Mr Everitt to see if we can provide any additional support.”