Controversial landfill site to power 1,500 homes

The landfill site at Seaton Carew
The landfill site at Seaton Carew

A GREEN deal to transform a controversial landfill site’s rotting rubbish to power 1,500 homes in Hartlepool has been revealed.

Niramax’s landfill site on Hartlepool’s Longhill Industrial Estate, off Thomlinson Road, was criticised by residents living in its shadow when tonnes of waste started to pile up.

But now it has emerged that the site’s management have shaken hands on an environmentally-friendly deal with an energy company to use the site as a tool to create renewable energy to provide power to homes.

ENER-G Natural Power will install a specialist 40-tonne generator on the landfill site and sink pipes up to 60ft deep to extract methane gas which is produced by the decomposing trash.

The gas – which is 21 times more harmful than ozone-layer eating carbon dioxide – will then be captured in wells and transported up the pipes to the generator which will turn it into electricity.

The power will then be sold to the National Grid network, which supplies electricity to heat and light homes up and down the country.

Work on the green fuel scheme, which will also create one or two jobs, should begin around March next year.

Similar work to generate electricity will also be carried out at landfill sites in Blaydon, near Newcastle, and Hull, following the deal being sealed between ENER-G and Seneca Global Energy, a sister company of town firm Niramax.

A spokeswoman for ENER-G said: “We’re delighted to be carrying out such work in Hartlepool which is to simply generate renewable electricity from this landfill site.”

Mark Whitehead, partner and head of law firm Ward Hadaway, spoke on behalf of Seneca and said: “This agreement furthers the North-East’s reputation as a hub for renewable energy activity and should prove to be a win-win situation for all parties, and the environment.

“Seneca Global Energy is an example of the new breed of businesses in the North generating renewable energy from waste products, this arrangement will be better for the environment and the local areas involved.”

Ian Cooper, director for ENER-G Natural Power said: “We are delighted to partner with Seneca Global Energy to develop this innovative project in Hartlepool, which will lead the way in renewable energy generation and demonstrate leadership in rising to the climate change and global warming challenge.”