Copper cable thieves caught on CCTV

A THIEVING threesome targeted a scrapyard and stole a length of copper cable worth over £250.

John Robinson, James Thompson and Paul Thompson went to Simms Metal Management, on the Longhill Industrial Estate side of Windermere Road, in Hartlepool.

A man rode passed the trio on a bike and alerted them to a length of cable inside the premises, so 24-year-old Robinson climbed in to take a look.

The yard security guard spotted the defendant and he ran off with his two pals. But they returned a short time later.

Prosecutor Paula Sanderson told Hartlepool Magistrates Court: “It was 4.10pm on June 17 when CCTV operators picked up three men pulling along a long length of cable near Simms Metal yard. When officers arrived all three ran off, leaving the cable behind, but they were arrested.”

She added: “In interview Paul Thompson said it was Robinson who climbed in and passed out some cable which was heavy but they were spotted by the security guard so left.

“They went back to the area, however, and started to carry the cable but it was heavy so they had to keep stopping. The plan was to weigh it in for cash.”

Robinson, of Windermere Road, James Thompson, of Challoner Road, and Paul Thompson, also of Challoner Road, all admitted the theft.

District Judge Martin Walker sentenced Robinson, who the court heard was a “serious offender with a lot on his record”, to a 12-month community order with 100 hours unpaid work.

He sentenced James Thompson, who is “lightly convicted” and has been unemployed since leaving school, to a community order with 20 sessions of education, training and employment.

Paul Thompson, who the judge heard is “fairly lightly convicted” but was “in the wrong place at the wrong time”, was slapped with a 28-day curfew from 9pm-7am.