Council defends gritting on Hartlepool’s roads

SNOWY ROADS: The Elwick, Hart and Dalton villages' junction in Elwick Road. Picture by FRANK REID
SNOWY ROADS: The Elwick, Hart and Dalton villages' junction in Elwick Road. Picture by FRANK REID

GRITTERS are out spraying Hartlepool’s roads although some motorists have complained that the highways are still a “disgrace”.

Hartlepool Borough Council sent out a fleet of gritters during the night to help de-ice the town’s roads to try to ensure they were as safe as possible for vehicles and pedestrians alike.

But the Mail’s website has had posts from disgruntled motorists who say some roads were like “a sheet of glass” and it took one driver and hour-and-a-half to get from Clavering to Asda supermarket, a distance of around three miles, this morning.

A spokesman for Hartlepool Borough Council defended the gritting teams, however, saying a heavy flurry of snow from 8am this morning meant the snow got the better of the grit.

He said: “Our gritting teams were out during the night treating the roads and as soon as the snow fell this morning the gritters were sent out again.

“There was a particularly heavy downfall of snow from around 8am and this compounded the road conditions for motorists.

“As always, we concentrate on the main routes in and out of town as well as the town centre and advise motorists to drive with care.

“We are also replenishing the salt bins for residents on housing estates throughout the town and will continue to grit the roads as and when necessary.”

CrimdonKing posted: “At 9.15am today there was black ice on the Coast Road between King Oswy Drive and Powlett Road. They [the council] will have the usual excuses.”

While skint2011 added: “Never seen even one gritter last night on the roads. Must have only been paying single time again. If the council was paying double time it would have been gritters galore.”

And Agentpop said: “Total disgrace, one hour fifteen minutes to get from Clavering to Asda. Why? The council and all were told -3 overnight so why were major traffic routes like a sheet of glass. Come on Hartlepool Council what excuse this year?”

Snow started to fall in Hartlepool town centre again around midday with traffic slower than normal.

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