Council in fraud exercise

HARTLEPOOL Borough Council is taking part in a national anti-fraud exercise to help ensure that public money is being spent properly.

It is providing the Audit Commission with the details of all concessionary bus pass holders, blue badge holders, parking permit holders, personal licence holders and market traders so that this information can be compared with similar data held by other public bodies.

Noel Adamson, the council’s head of audit and governance, said: “The council is required by law to provide the Audit Commission with this information.

“Comparing data held by different public bodies can help to reveal discrepancies which might be an indication of fraud.

“However, I want to reassure everyone that measures are in place to ensure that their personal information is protected and does not fall into the wrong hands.

“For example, all the data sent to the Audit Commission is done so electronically via a secure website.”

For further information, telephone Hartlepool Council on (01429) 523337 or visit