Council tax bills set to increase

Christine Blakey
Christine Blakey

PLANS to freeze Hartlepool Borough Council’s element of council tax bills in favour of accepting a one-off Government grant have been agreed.

But residents will still see a rise in their bills as Cleveland Fire Authority has agreed a 3.95 per cent increase in its precept.

Cleveland Police Authority will meet next week to confirm its precept but a 3.5 per cent rise is anticipated.

Hartlepool Council has agreed to freeze its element of council tax in order to qualify for the grant of about £1m, which is equivalent to raising the 2011-12 level by 2.5 per cent.

It was agreed to do it this year to give residents some much-needed respite.

It is the second year the council has taken advantage of the grant after members agreed to freeze the 2011-12 council tax bills.

But the final council tax bills won’t be confirmed until next Thursday’s meeting of the full council, once the other precepts have been confirmed.

The fire and police authorities are both eligible to receive the council tax freeze grant.

The police authority is scheduled to meet on March 1.

A council report said: “The council tax bills for Hartlepool residents will clearly show that Hartlepool Council froze its own tax and will show the relevant percentage increases for the police and fire authorities.”

Full council will meet again on Thursday, March 1 at 7pm, at the Civic Centre.

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