Councillor calls for ‘permanent solution’ to litter problem in Hartlepool

CONCERN: Litter concerns in the Burn Valley area, Hartlepool
CONCERN: Litter concerns in the Burn Valley area, Hartlepool

A COUNCILLOR has called for a “permanent solution” to litter problems in town including more enforcement officers.

Hartlepool councillor Jonathan Brash has raised concerns and said he also wants to see more street cleansing by Hartlepool Borough Council.

It follows the launch earlier this year of a new council-led crackdown on environmental crime and the aim of the Respect Your Neighbourhood campaign is to try and help communities prosper and for residents to be able to take pride in where they live.

The campaign - which has so far been in the Burbank and Oxford Road and Cornwall Street areas among others - also involves other organisations including Cleveland Police, Cleveland Fire Brigade and housing providers.

But Coun Brash said there was soon rubbish again strewn across the streets in the Cornwall Street area, which he took photographs of, once the day of action had moved on.

The Burn Valley councillor, who refers to himself as independent Labour but is classed as independent by the council, said: “In the real world our streets are a mess and re-jigging ‘operation clean-sweep’ is not going to solve this problem.

“We need a permanent revolution and that means more long-term and permanent solutions - more street cleansing and more enforcement. Instead of wasting money on aborted local plans and vanity projects, we should put our very limited resources into cleaning up our streets for local people.”

A council spokesman said: “We are looking at a number of ways of boosting our enforcement service and patrols, including examining different ways of delivering the service.

“However, local people are the ultimate key to the success of Respect Your Neighbourhood and the campaign aims over time to get across the message that every single citizen of Hartlepool must play their role in respecting and protecting their local area, including keeping it clean and litter-free and obeying the law.”

Environmental crime clamped down on includes dog fouling, graffiti, littering and fly-tipping while there will also be anti-social behaviour patrols.