Councillor in poison pen hell

Councillor Alan Cox
Councillor Alan Cox

A COUNCILLOR who has decided to go it alone and become an independent has described his horror after receiving anonymous letters threatening him.

Alan Cox, who represents Blackhall on Durham County Council, has resigned from the Labour Party after 50 years for what he says are “personal reasons”.

But he said after his decision to leave the party, he received two anonymous letters, with one containing the chilling threat warning him not to stand in the upcoming elections: “We have got your house address... resign or else” and another saying: “You have not resigned yet why not... if not will go to your house next, just wait.”

Coun Cox, a magistrate, will be standing in the local elections in May as an independent after “finding it difficult to support some Labour decisions”.

He said: “How can people have such despicable views and write letters like that to frighten people’s families?

“I have committed no crime in leaving the Labour Party, I just want to carry on representing my constituents in the best way.”

A Durham Police spokeswoman said: “Two letters containing insults have been seized.

“The matter is still being investigated.”

Following Coun Cox’s resignation, the Blackhall Labour Party sent out a letter to members describing how he had “broken promises in turning his back on the party”.

A spokesman for Blackhall Labour Party said: “As Alan Cox is no longer one of its members, Blackhall Labour Party has no interest in allegations made about his personal conduct and background.”

Coun Cox’s resignation comes just a month after Durham County Council representative for Horden, Dennis Maddison, turned his back on Horden’s Labour Party to become an independent and he will also be vying for a seat in next year’s General Election for the Horden ward.