Councillor’s ‘cyber-bullying’ case dropped

Coun Geoff Lilley
Coun Geoff Lilley

A COUNCILLOR at the centre of cyber-bullying claims has been told he will not face any further action.

Hartlepool councillor Geoff Lilley spoke of his relief after Cleveland Police told him an investigation about alleged comments he was said to have made on an internet forum has been dropped.

The Mail reported in early February that Coun Lilley spent eight hours in custody at Hartlepool Police Station, and was grilled about remarks said to have been posted online about Owton ward Labour councillor Marjorie James.

But a Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: “We can confirm that there is no further police action to be taken on this matter.”

A Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) spokeswoman said: “We have reviewed the file, and on the evidence we have got we have advised there should be no further action.”

The Independent Greatham councillor, 60, said: “It put a little bit of pressure on my family but I was genuinely looking forward to the opportunity to defend myself in court.

“I’m relieved that the CPS decided there is no case to answer, because I felt all along there wasn’t.

“It makes sense not to waste public money pursuing a case where there is no case to answer.

“I look upon it as a learning experience, and I am very happy to move away from this.”