Councils aiming to be worth their salt

COUNCILS have joined forces to prepare for severe winter weather.

 Twelve North-East local authorities, including Hartlepool Borough Council, Durham County Council and Stockton Borough Council, have formed the North East Regional Winter Maintenance Working Group to deal with wintry conditions.

The group aims to ensure the region is as prepared as possible in the event of severe weather.

It will buy additional salt stocks if required and keep up to date with best practice both regionally and nationally.

Resources will be shared in times of great need and there will be communications with residents and road users across the region.

All 12 authorities are committed to forging closer links so each can assist the other and provide mutual aid should the need arise.

The local authorities have increased North-East salt stocks by 55,000 tonnes, raising the total regional level to 145,000 tonnes.

Should the need arise the region now has contingency plans in place to bring in salt from anywhere in the world.