Couple’s golden milestone

Ernest and Nellie Deighton
Ernest and Nellie Deighton

A GOLDEN couple have celebrated 50 years of wedded bliss.

Nellie and Ernest Deighton moved to the town in 1975 from just outside Castleford, West Yorkshire, where they tied the knot 50 years ago yesterday.

Ernest and Nellie Deighton pictured on their wedding day

Ernest and Nellie Deighton pictured on their wedding day

The golden pair have lived in Earlston Walk ever since and speaking to the Mail on their big day, they revealed their key to such a long and successful marriage.

Nellie, 69, said: “I don’t think there is a secret, you just have to stick at it.

“Obviously every couple has their ups and downs, but we always have been extremely close and done everything together as a couple.”

After moving to Hartlepool, Ernest, 79, worked as a utility operator for Monsanto and Phillips Petroleum, both in Seal Sands and Nellie as a foster carer.

The couple are parents to Sharon Deighton, 49, Beverley Spears, 47 and Rosemarie Deighton, 45, who all live in Hartlepool.

They are also grandparents to Claire Precious, 23 and Joseph Reece, 17.

“I do feel proud to reach a milestone like this one,” said Nellie. “We have always been a very close family unit.

“Ernest and I always used to go on holiday and then when we had the children we would go away every year as a family.

“The kids loved the holidays.

“Ernest and I have always enjoyed dancing as well.

“We still go dancing three or four times a week together now.”

The golden wedding anniversary is the first milestone in a year of celebrations for the couple.

They are both celebrating birthday milestones later this year when Ernest turns 80 in May and Nellie turns 70 a month later.