Couple stranded in Spain are back home – and £600 out of pocket


A COUPLE who were stranded in Spain following the two-day French airport strike are back on English soil – more than £600 out of pocket.

Karin and Jim Manchester were joined by 23 Hartlepool holidaymakers who found themselves stuck in Alicante airport on Wednesday.

After spending nine hours in the airport, which had no air conditioning, the stranded tourists were sent to hotels and told vouchers would be made available for them until they were able to board a flight back to the UK.

But when Karin, 52, and Jim, 51, arrived at a Holiday Inn hotel after a 70-euro taxi ride from the airport, there was no voucher available.

They stayed at the hotel until Saturday and had to pay for everything out of their own pocket, racking up a bill of more than £600.

The couple, who own a landscape garden company and live just outside of Trimdon, have been reassured that they will get their money back.

But Karin said until she is able to make calls to insurance and holiday companies today, she doesn’t know how to go about it.

Karin, 52, is in remission after battling leukaemia and takes vitamin B12 injections, said the stress didn’t help her condition.

“It didn’t ruin our holiday but it was just the stress of it all,” said Karin after finally getting back home at 3am on Sunday.

“It was a relief to touch down because we were hearing that Spanish strikes were starting so we were beginning to wonder when we would get a flight.”

An easyjet spokesman said people will be reimbursed.