Court cells flooded with sewage

PRISONERS had to be held in a police station after a court’s cells were flooded with sewage.

The lock-up in Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court, in Victoria Road, was out of bounds yesterday because of a leak in the sewerage system.

Usually those held in custody before their hearing are kept downstairs in the court building in purpose-built cells and watched over by a private security firm.

The incident meant they had to be held in police cells at the adjoining Hartlepool Police Station, in Avenue Road, and taken through one by one to be dealt with.

A spokeswoman for the court said: “The cells were flooded with sewage after a leak.

“Those held in custody stayed in the police station and were brought through individually for their court appearance.

“The problem is being fixed.”

The incident is said to have not caused major disruption to the court proceedings.