Cousins jailed for ‘sadistic attack’

Ashley Sorby (left) and Karl Taylor
Ashley Sorby (left) and Karl Taylor

TWO evil thugs who subjected a vulnerable man to a “sadistic attack” have been caged for a total of 16 years.

Cousins Karl Taylor, 26, and Ashley Sorby, 22, subjected the victim to a sickening three-hour ordeal for their amusement.

During the horrific attack the pair made the man strip naked, bark like a dog, climb into a wheelie bin and smeared faeces on his upper lip.

They also subjected him to a degrading assault with a pool cue, which they filmed on a mobile phone.

Teesside Crown Court heard the victim was so scared he thought he was going to die.

Robin Turton, prosecuting, said the humiliating incident, committed when Taylor and Sorby were high on drink and drugs, were “driven by sadistic delight in the complainant’s suffering and degradation”.

The victim was physically assaulted numerous times by Taylor and Sorby also stubbed a cigarette out on his ear.

The man was unable to leave the house where the attack happened as both the front a back doors were locked.

Mr Turton added: “Taylor would pretend to let him go, but then the violence would start again.

“The victim was understandably petrified, crying and asked constantly to be allowed to leave.

“The victim thought he was going to die.

“Both defendants thought it was hilarious.”

The court was told the victim had been left severely traumatised by the incident and may never get over it.

In a statement he said: “That night destroyed me.”

Mr Turton also described how the victim was made to stand outside in only his boxer shorts while they threw food at him.

The ordeal lasted for three hours and it was a further 90 minutes before they let him go after making him promise not to tell police.

Taylor later bragged about what he had done.

Both men were jailed for eight years after admitting to false imprisonment and grievous bodily harm on October 22 last year.

Robin Denny, mitigating for Taylor, of Cornwall Street, Hartlepool, said: “He described himself as feel embarrassed, disgusted and ashamed.”

He added Taylor had been disowned by most of his family, lost his house and his girlfriend ended their relationship.

Paul Cleasby, mitigating for Sorby, of Caithness Road, Hartlepool, said he had had a disruptive adolescence.

Judge Gillian Matthews said only lengthy jail terms were appropriate for the “sadistic episode”.

She added: “Both of you were in drink and drugs when you perpetrated this disgusting, degrading and horrendous assault.

“It was prolonged and terrifying. I’m quite satisfied you caused him great psychological harm from which he will not easily recover without specialist help and maybe not even then.”