Crackdown on motor menaces

POLICE seized an off-road bike and handed out 13 formal warning notices during a day-long crackdown on motor menaces.

The Safe Durham Partnership, comprising of Durham Police and Durham County Council, is working to reduce the nuisance caused by off-road bikers and drivers behaving irresponsibly.

The on-going enforcement operation, supported by East Durham Area Action Partnership (AAP), involves increased police and street warden patrols and “focused action” based on information from the public.

Chief Inspector Andy Huddleton, of Durham Police, said: “The riding or driving of off-road vehicles in unsuitable areas can cause a real disturbance to residents.

“By making this an on-going operation, we want offenders to realise that we won’t give up on our aim of stamping out this nuisance.”

In the latest day of action, the drivers of two Suzuki Vitaras were warned for causing damage to the beach banks at Horden, which is a site of Special Scientific Interest.

One of the vehicles was also unregistered.

One motorcyclist received a warning notice for minor offences while riding on the Coast Road at Blackhall, while two more were given warnings and advice after their repeated visits to Shotton Pond were deemed as causing a nuisance to local residents.

Another three riders were warned for their bad behaviour after being stopped while riding in Shotton Colliery.

Police seized one of the bikes, which was suspected as stolen.

Anyone with concerns about off-road bikes can call Durham Police on 0345 6060365.