Creature comforts for Sara!

SARA Saunders will never go short of company at her Hartlepool home.

The 42-year-old shares her house with a husband, three children and an exotic array of creatures ranging from giant millipedes to a boa snake.

Sara Saunders pictured with some of her snakes

Sara Saunders pictured with some of her snakes

But that’s just how Sara likes it.

She runs a part-time firm called Sisha’s Creatures which offers to bring pets to parties, youth groups or schools.

“It’s a home-based business and all the animals are here with me,” said Sara.

“The creatures are all over the house. There are so many, I am hoping to get the loft converted.

“We have got the snakes and tarantulas in the bedroom.”

But it’s no real surprise that animals were the basis of her business. Ever since she was young she has “had a fascination with wildlife”.

She began keeping pets when she got married and owned her first home. The catalogue of creatures has grown ever since – especially when she had children who shared her love of animals.

Sara admitted: “We had rabbits, guinea pigs, and even had seven hamsters at one point.”

She described the entourage as “our pets and part of our family”

Sara, who also works as a classroom assistant at a Hartlepool school, is married to Martin Saunders, 44, and has three children Rachel, 17, Ben, 12 and 11-year-old Adam.

She set up Sisha’s Creatures a year ago, naming it after the nickname given to her by Rachel when she was four.

Her previous jobs included one in a school where animals were brought in as part of a science project. She said children loved the chance to be hands-on with the animals and it prompted her to go into business.

She has so far done children parties and “a couple of toddler group sessions” and hopes more trade will be coming her way soon.