Crews spend an hour tackling fire at Tunstall Court in Hartlepool

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FIRE chiefs have issued yet another warning for people to stay away from a derelict building after another fire at the site.

Two crews from Stranton Fire Station were called to Tunstall Court, in the West Park area of town, around 7.15pm on Sunday.

They spent an hour tackling a rubbish fire on the ground floor of the site and the rubbish had been burning for some time.

Fire chiefs have warned people to stay away from the historic building, which has become a regular target for arsonists and vandals.

A station spokesman said: “The condition of the building, both internally and externally, is extremely dangerous.

“People shouldn’t be going into the premises, for their own safety.

“It’s dangerous in there, the floors are unstable, a lot of staircases are missing, and there are open manholes around the outside parameters.”

The building’s owners Ruttle North East plan to demolish the building to make way for housing.

The proposal was due before a Hartlepool Council Planning Committee meeting last month.

But it was withdrawn from the agenda as the applicant had commissioned a structural survey of the building and the results wouldn’t be known in time.

Conservation bodies, including Hartlepool Civic Society, English Heritage, and The Victorian Society believe the building can be saved.