Crime thriller is in the can

CROWD-SCENE: Filming of new film, Harrigan, starring Stockton-born actor Stephen Tompkinson, in Hartlepool's Carr Street
CROWD-SCENE: Filming of new film, Harrigan, starring Stockton-born actor Stephen Tompkinson, in Hartlepool's Carr Street

A GRITTY movie that was partially filmed in Hartlepool is finally in the can.

Crime thriller Harrigan stars North- East-born actor Stephen Tompkinson in the title role as a tough copper trying to clean up a lawless estate.

Movie producers shot scenes in Hartlepool’s Carr Street, off Hart Lane, this time last year as the street was transported back to the 1970s.

Makers TallTree Pictures has recently put the finishing touches to the movie.

It was given its first screening to the cast and crew at the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle, and the makers are currently in talks regarding its cinema release.

Director Vince Woods said: “The screening went down very well. Everybody loved it and thought it was brilliant.

“We are quite excited about it. We are in negotiations about its release but can’t say anything yet until it has been finalised.

“We would love to premiere in the North-East.”

Carr Street was filmed for a host of scenes, including backstreet fights and a riot, while Hartlepool United Supporters’ Club, in Sandringham Road, became a “green room” for cast and crew.

Vince added: “Filming in Hartlepool was very cold. Hartlepool Borough Council were fantastic and very helpful.

“Hopefully the film will be good for the region.”

The council even put up old 1970s lampposts in the street for the shoot.

Filming also brought back memories for actor Darren Morfitt, who used to live in Hartlepool.

He is best known for appearances in horror film Dog Soldiers and TV series 55 Degrees North.

Stockton-born Tompkinson plays lead character Barry Harrigan.

The story sees Harrigan return to his patch after an 18-month secondment in Hong Kong and finds there have been massive changes while he was gone – and not for the better.

During his time in town, Tompkinson told the Mail: “Harrigan is at heart an old-fashioned western with the sheriff taking on the bad guys and I am hugely excited about it.

“You start with a really good script with great writing and that transports the story for everyone.

“The whole team involved in the project are extremely passionate about it and I am thrilled to be part of that.”

TallTree Pictures raised funds for the £1.3m film through private investors in the North-East, including entrepreneurs, businessmen and a venture capital fund.

Among them was former Hartlepool United defender Robbie Elliott, who also helped Tompkinson keep in shape for the film.