Action over illegal parking, horses and vehicles during council crackdown in Hartlepool

Agencies gather for the launch of the Respect Your Neighbourhood event in Miers Avanue
Agencies gather for the launch of the Respect Your Neighbourhood event in Miers Avanue

A DAY of action aimed at encouraging residents to take pride in the area where they live has been deemed a success.

The De Bruce ward was the focus for the ‘Respect Your Neighbourhood’ initiative which is led by Hartlepool Borough Council but also involves other key organisations including the police, fire brigade and housing providers under the banner of the Safer Hartlepool Partnership.

Officials spent the whole of yesterday in that area of Hartlepool handing out fixed penalty notices, advice and guidance to residents.

Council chiefs say the Respect initiative saw:

• Around 20 people take advantage of the free chipping service for their dogs.

• In conjunction with the police, a horse was removed which was grazing illegally.

• Enforcement action was taken against 11 people for illegal parking.

• Two Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) were issued for littering.

• In conjunction with the police identified three untaxed vehicles.

The area for yesterday’s initiative included the areas bounded by West View Road, Easington Road, Warren Road and Oakesway Industrial Estate.

Denise Ogden, the council’s director of regeneration and neighbourhoods, said: “The main aim of the campaign is to ensure that there is respect for local neighbourhoods from the whole community.

“The large majority of residents are proud of their local neighbourhood and have respect for others; it is the minority who we are targeting to improve the appearance of communities and improve people’s lives.”

Initiatives include clamping down on irresponsible landlords, tackling anti-social behaviour, spot checks of vehicles carrying scrap metal, graffiti removal, removing untaxed vehicles as well as penalising people for litter, dog fouling and fly tipping offences.

The Respect Your Neighbourhood initiative involves a full day of action in a particular area of town one day a month aimed at improving local neighbourhoods. All 11 wards will be the focus of the campaign on a rotation basis.

The campaign was launched in February in the Burbank and Longhill Industrial Estate areas.