Addict stole from family

A DRUG addict who stole his mother’s jewellery when she was on holiday has been jailed.

Philip Thorpe, 22, stole jewellery from his mother’s home in January when she was in Tenerife after borrowing the house keys from a friend.

Thorpe, who had been asked to leave his father’s home where he had been living, was caught by police with a bag stuffed with his mother’s jewellery.

Prosecuting, Yvonne Taylor told Teesside Crown Court Thorpe kept his belongings at his mother’s home. On January 7 she went on holiday with her daughter and granddaughter.

His mother left a house key with a work colleague and parked her car on her daughter’s drive while she was out of the country.

Miss Taylor said Thorpe made an untidy search of his mother’s home after borrowing the keys, claiming he wanted to collect some clothes. He later took the car.

More of her jewellery was left lying on the floor.

In a separate incident earlier this month, which was dealt with by the court at the same time, Thorpe took a safe containing cash belonging to his father.

Thorpe later admitted taking it but he claimed that there was only £68 inside it and not £200 as had been initially alleged.

Ian Mullarkey, mitigating, told Teesside Crown Court Thorpe had a drug and alcohol problem which he had since been tackling.

Judge Peter Bowers told Thorpe: “I have run out of patience with you.

“You have breached a community order repeatedly and it seems to me that the only time you make promises is when you are up against it.”

Thorpe, of Homer Grove, Hartlepool, was jailed for 12 months and disqualified from driving for 18 months after pleading guilty to stealing the jewellery in January, the safe on July 9 and aggravated vehicle taking and driving while disqualified in January.