Addict stole shoes and wallet from Polish man she invited to hotel room

Sharon Mincher
Sharon Mincher

A WOMAN who stole a Polish man’s wallet after he invited her back to his hotel room was spared jail.

Sharon Mincher, 43, said she did not receive any money after going there and he fell asleep.

She was traced from CCTV at the Douglas Hotel in Hartlepool and she was originally charged with burglary, which she denied.

Prosecuting, Sue Jacobs told Teesside Crown Court a trial could not be held because the man had gone back to Poland.

She said Mincher took the wallet, money, a mobile phone and training shoes in the incident on May 17.

Miss Jacobs added: “She pleaded not guilty but said that she would plead guilty to theft.

“She claimed that the man had invited her there, and by then the man had gone back to Poland. Items belonging to the occupant were stolen when he was asleep.”

She had 73 convictions for 177 offences, with 100 for theft or similar, and she was in breach of a magistrates’ conditional discharge for shop theft.

Mincher, of Church Street, Hartlepool, pleaded guilty to theft.

Martin Scarborough, mitigating, said: “She always admitted that she had taken items, but denied burglary.

“Having been in that man’s hotel room she had not received the money that was referred to in the pre-sentence report.”

Mr Scarborough said Mincher was being treated for heroin addiction and she had a current partner who was at court supporting her.

Judge Peter Bowers told her: “The probation service has been remarkably patient and long-suffering with you for many years.

“You have got to learn that stealing is not the way to fund your drugs habit. Quite frankly, without the probation report I would have lost patience with you.”

Mincher was given a 10-month jail sentence suspended for 18 months with supervision, a thinking skills programme and a nine-monthdrug rehabilitation order.