Bid to sell stolen coffee to cafe next door

A HAPLESS thief stole coffee from a store and was nabbed after trying to sell it to the cafe next door.

Michael Archibald, 28, went into the McColl’s store, in Murray Street, Hartlepool, on Sunday and bought a loaf of bread and left the store.

He went next door to a cafe and tried to sell coffee he had stolen to staff, but an employee from the cafe told workers at McColl’s what had happened.

Lilian Atkinson, prosecuting at Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court, said: “He went into McColl’s in Murray Street and bought a loaf and then went into a shop next door and tried to sell some Nescafe Latte.

“Somebody from the cafe notified McColl’s about what this defendant was doing.

“CCTV was checked and the defendant was stopped on Hart Lane in possession of a bag of sugar which had also been stolen from the store.

“In police interview, he initially denied the offence, but then admitted it.

“He said he tried to sell the coffee to an adjacent cafe.

“None of the coffee was recovered.”

Archibald, of Richardson Street, Hartlepool, admitted theft worth £7.69 on August 7.

Dave Smith, mitigating, said the theft was low-value and unsophisticated and Archibald had made no “immediate and desperate attempt to get rid of it”.

He added that Archibald’s rate of offending had been slowing down to the extent that what he does is more “annoying” to the premises and shops rather than “damaging, far-ranging or upsetting in the long run”.

Chairman of the bench Kate Brown adjourned the hearing until Friday afternoon so a pre-sentence report can be prepared.

Archibald was granted conditional bail.