Blackmailer threatened to blow up woman’s home and car, court told

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A MAN threatened to blow up a woman’s house and car after sending an enforcer to demand £2,000 from her, a court was told.

Patrick Bradley, 23, is accused of demanding money with menaces from the alleged victim and using co-accused Liam Coatman as “hired muscle” to intimidate her.

He made threats to her and said ‘that vehicle outside your property will be getting blown up in the air. He said ‘what happens to your car will happen to your house’.

Paul Newcombe, prosecuting

Teesside Crown Court heard Bradley orchestrated a campaign of intimidation after he told the woman that her partner owed him £1,000.

A jury heard the woman, who cannot be named, previously handed over £250 to Coatman on November 11 last year.

Six days later her partner gave Bradley £1,500 after selling his caravan, said prosecutor Paul Newcombe.

But soon afterwards, Coatman, 28, said to be acting on Bradley’s orders, asked for another £2,000 from her.

Outlining the case to the jury, Mr Newcombe said: “Bradley knows she is flush with cash. He sends round his enforcer to get more money. Mr Coatman asked for £2,000.

“She told him she didn’t have that sort of money.”

Nine days later on November 26, Bradley is alleged to have threatened her over the phone.

Mr Newcombe said: “He made threats to her and said ‘that vehicle outside your property will be getting blown up in the air.

“He said ‘what happens to your car will happen to your house’. He added he wouldn’t do it that night.

“He told her that he was untouchable. He told her that Liam from before was coming to see her and he wouldn’t move until he was paid.”

Mr Newcombe added: “The prosecution say Coatman is acting on Bradley’s orders.

“Bradley was doing the ordering and Coatman is the hired muscle, the enforcer.”

Bradley is also accused of demanding money from another man in August last year.

The alleged victim said he paid Bradley £300 after his girlfriend told him she owed Bradley £1,000.

He said when he handed over the money Bradley told him the debt was now on his head.

He claimed Bradley threatened to drive a Jeep through his girlfriend’s mum’s front window if he did not pay the rest.

The alleged victim said: “It was as plain as day if it wasn’t paid that’s what would happen.

“I took it as a warning. I genuinely thought this lad was either going to hurt [my girlfriend], hurt me or even drive a Jeep through her mam’s window.”

The alleged victim said he went to police when Bradley chased him for the rest of the money which he could not pay.

Jim Withyman, defending Bradley, suggested the alleged victim had only met Bradley once before when the defendant was with a group of other men and the alleged victim had wanted a fight with one of Bradley’s friends called Michael Williams.

The witness denied that.

Mr Withyman said: “You were worried there was going to be a complaint made by Mr Williams that you had been threatening him.”

The witness said: “No.”

Bradley, of Wynyard Mews, Hartlepool, denies two counts of blackmail and two counts of threatening to damage or destroy property.

Coatman, of Cotsford Park, High Hesleden, denies one count of blackmail.

The trial continues.