Bottle attack liar in court

Daniel Wood.
Daniel Wood.

A TIME waster claimed he had attacked a man with a bottle and left him for dead in a hoax call to police.

Numerous police units and even the force helicopter were deployed to look for the stricken victim after the 1am call by Daniel Wood.

But there was no sign of the man and Wood, 25, later admitted he had made it all up to get himself arrested and go to jail.

Rachel Dodsworth, prosecuting at Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court, said: “Police were on duty in Hartlepool on July 13 when they received information that a male had called and stated to call takers his name, Daniel Wood, and stated he had assaulted somebody with a bottle outside the King Oswy pub and he thought he had killed them.

“He said he hit them in the face with a bottle and he was bleeding from the face but he could see him moving a little bit.”

As police headed towards the area they were told Wood had called them from a phone box at the junction of King Oswy Drive and Bruntoft Avenue.

Wood was still in the phone box when police entered the junction but on seeing them he ran off over some gardens before he gave himself up.

He was originally arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm but refused to answer questions about the injured man.

Miss Dodsworth added: “There was concern the man was in grave danger and perhaps could have died given what had been said and medical help needed to be sent out.

“After inquiries, which included the deployment of the police helicopter, there was no sign of the injured male or the broken bottle referred to.

“In interview, he said he just wanted to go back to jail, life was rubbish and there was all sorts going on in his head.

“He said nobody was attacked, he made it all up. He fully accepted wasting police time and only did it to get arrested.”

Wood, of King Oswy Drive, Hartlepool, admitted making a hoax call under the Communications Act.

Adrian Morris, mitigating, said: “These weren’t the actions of a rational man, certainly at the time.

“He had had a drink and made the false allegation and for a period tried to avoid the issue. He then came to his senses and made full admissions in interview.

“You will view this offence very seriously.”

Magistrates adjourned sentence until next week for a report considering all options.