Brother who thumped sister in the mouth and said he hopes she dies of throat cancer given community order

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A BROTHER who thumped his sister in the mouth and said he hopes she dies of throat cancer has been given a community order.

Christopher Milburn lost his temper with cancer sufferer Jeanette Jepson when she refused to let him in to her home, magistrates heard.

Milburn said he hoped his sister was riddled with cancer and threatened to burn her house down.

The court was told Milburn was annoyed after Ms Jepson, 56, made allegations he was not looking after their elderly mother properly.

Prosecutor Vickie Wilson said: “Ms Jepson says that when she tried to ring her mother, Milburn would take the phone and scream abuse at her.

“When he turned up at Ms Jepson’s house she refused to let him in.

“He tried to force a window, with her on the inside struggling to keep it shut.

“Milburn threw a punch, catching his sister in the mouth.”

The court heard Milburn said he hoped his sister was “riddled” with cancer and she would die from it.

He also threatened to burn the house, saying she would “go up” with it.

“Ms Jepson says she rarely leaves the house,” added Ms Wilson.

“The threats have left her frightened because she has little sense of smell, so would not know if a fire was started.”

Milburn, 50, of Avon Street, Easington Colliery, admitted assault by beating and criminal damage, both on March 24.

Bill Davison, mitigating at Peterlee Magistrates’ Court, said: “Mr Milburn has been the carer of his mother for 20 years.

“It was the allegation about the way he had treated her which made him go to the house.

“As regards her not being able to go out, I’m told she plays dominoes at the club twice a week.

“It was she who contacted the press about this case, not him.”

Milburn was sentenced to a 12-month supervision order and ordered to observe at night-time curfew for two months.

He must pay fines and costs of £360.

Magistrates made an indefinite restraining order banning Milburn from contacting his sister.