Brothers who burst into house and attacked occupant with sticks have been jailed


TWO brothers who burst into a house and attacked the occupant with sticks have been jailed.

An 18-year-old woman who took part in the attack and then offered the victim money to keep quiet will be sentenced later.

Durham Crown Court heard malicious rumours were circulating around Horden about a partially disabled man and a friend of his formed the impression members of the Griffin family were responsible.

The friend went to see Darren Griffin to invite him to the disabled man’s house to ‘sort things out’, prosecutor Adrian Dent told the court.

“The Griffin brothers did come round,” said Mr Dent. “But they were armed with a knife, a hammer, and sticks, which they used to attack the disabled man’s friend as he sat on the sofa.

“There was a great deal of blood, but fortunately the injuries suffered by the friend were relatively minor.”

Mr Dent said Jade Saxby - Darren Griffin’s girlfriend - took the disabled man’s stick and used it to hit the victim.

The attackers left, but Saxby returned a few minutes later carrying a wad of money which she offered to the victim in exchange for his silence.

Darren Griffin, 27, of Cotsford Lane, Sean Griffin, 37, of Hawthorn Avenue, and Jade Saxby, 18, of Cotsford Lane, all Horden, each admitted violent disorder in the early hours of October 8.

Saxby also admitted attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Lawyers for the Griffins said both were sorry for what they had done.

Darren Griffin apologised to the victim before leaving the house, and Sean Griffin’s judgment was affected by heroin, the court was told.

Matthew Collins, for Saxby, asked for a pre-sentence report.

Judge Robert Adams jailed Darren Griffin for 29 months, and jailed Sean Griffin for 32 months.

The judge told the pair: “I accept it was not either of you who used the hammer which caused the head injuries, which thankfully turned out to be not as serious as they could have been.

“But this attack must have been terrifying for the victim, and you all bear joint responsibility for it.”

The judge ordered a pre-sentence report for Saxby.

“There are no promises,” the judge told her. “All sentencing options remain open in your case.”

Saxby was bailed to return to Newcastle Crown Court to be dealt with by Judge Adams on April 28.