Burglar caught by blood trail after family’s dog catches him in the act

Dennis Readman
Dennis Readman

A BURGLAR described as “habitually dishonest” was jailed after a family’s barking dog woke them up during a raid on their home.

The dog barked at 5.50am causing the woman to go downstairs to quieten it.

But she caught Dennis Readman, 40, (pictured) escaping feet first through a broken panel in the front door.

In a victim impact statement read out ion court, the woman says she does not feel safe in her own home.

Police found a trail of blood from the house in Raby Road, Hartlepool, which gave a DNA link to three-strikes burglar Readman.

He had cut himself on shards of broken glass in the door panel, but he claimed that someone else had smashed it.

Prosecutor Rachel Masters told Teesside Crown Court that the woman saw that the dog was barking at the front door where a man in dark clothing was exiting feet first.

He stood up and she saw a second man outside, and the pair walked off down Raby Road.

Her 72-year-old mother who also lived at the house was awoken by the racket and she saw the broken door.

In interview Readman said that he had been drinking when he came across the broken door and he was curious.

He removed shards of glass and he began to pull a pile of clothing from the hallway through the panel.

He said that he intended to steal it to make some cash.

Miss Masters said that Readman was given a two year jail sentence in 2010 for burglary and a one year sentence in 2001.

Readman, of Allerton Close, Hartlepool, pleaded guilty to the burglary on November 22.

Martin Scarborough, mitigating, said that Readman accepted it was an aggravating feature that he was seen by the woman.

He faced a minimum sentence of three years with credit for pleading guilty.

The judge, Recorder Bernard Gateshill QC, told him: “You are an habitually dishonest man who has committed burglaries in the past.

“This woman now does not feel safe in her own home, and she says in a victim impact statement that she is a bag of nerves and she cannot rest.

“This is the sort of consequence that your conduct inflicts on other people.”

Readman, of Allerton Close, Hartlepool, was jailed for three years less 20 per cent. His sentence will be around two years and five months.