Car buyer lost car and £1,300 because of mum’s ‘logbook loan’


A MUM took out a loan secured on her car then sold the vehicle to an unsuspecting buyer.

Durham Crown Court heard the buyer, John Ronald, lost the car and the £1,300 purchase price when the finance company repossessed it.

Stephanie Lane, 26, admitted fraud in March last year.

“She took out what is called a logbook loan,” said Chris Baker, prosecuting.

“The loan company used her Honda Civic car as part security.

“She got behind with the payments on the loan and sold the car to Mr Ronald on March 3.

“In May, he received a letter from the loan company telling him they had title over the car and would be taking it back.

“Mr Ronald did an internet check on the car before buying it, but the logbook loan agreement did not show up.

“He is understandably angry, having lost the car, the £1,300, and £700 he spent on spares and repairs.”

Lane, of Poppy Lane, Shotton Colliery, was given a suspended sentence in 2012 for trying to buy three cars on finance using her neighbour’s name and bank details.

Ian Hudson, mitigating, said: “This latest offence is in breach of the suspended sentence.

“But it was nearly 18 months later, and she completed all of the community hours.

“She is a single mother with two children, sending her to prison would punish them.”

Judge Colin Burn sentenced Lane to six months in prison, suspended for two years, a two-year supervision order, 160-hours community work, and the judge ordered her to pay £1,300 compensation at £30 a week.