Carer’s £3.6k spending spree in Top Shop and Ikea after stealing from dementia sufferer


A CARER who went on a spending spree with money she stole from a dementia sufferer has been jailed for eight months.

East Durham carer Ashley Maddison used her client’s bank card four times in Sunderland shops in one day, Durham Crown Court heard.

“Maddison took the card and obtained the PIN number from the person she was caring for,” said Shaun Dryden, prosecuting.

“Among the shops she visited was Foot Locker, Disney, Top Shop, Ikea, and a computer games seller.

“Her activities came to light when the 67-year-old victim’s daughter asked her mother where her bank card was.

“She told her she had given it to the carer to go on an errand.

“Maddison spent more than £3,600 on the card in less than a month.”

The court was told Maddison was employed by an agency only to clean and tidy the victim’s house, and she had no right to become involved in her finances.

Maddison, 27, of Ramsey Close, Peterlee, admitted fraud by false representation in January of this year.

Stephen Constantine, mitigating, said: “Ms Maddison had financial problems and she foolishly gave way to temptation.

“She is a woman of previous good character who had a good work record.

“Since this offending has been made public, she has been ostracised by family and friends.”

Judge Christopher Prince jailed Maddison for eight months.

The judge told her: “You may have been in debt, but much of this spending was not on necessities.

“Among other things, you bought a scooter, cigarettes, beer, and energy drinks.

“This was a deliberate draining of your victim’s bank account, and it was a gross breach of the trust which had been placed in you.”