Cleared up – but stolen rabbits still missing after yobs trash couple’s allotment

Garden waste dumped at the allotment site belonging to Joanne and Aid Peel.
Garden waste dumped at the allotment site belonging to Joanne and Aid Peel.

COUNCIL workers have cleared up garden rubbish dumped on a couple’s allotment site.

Joanne and Aid Peel were devastated when yobs left the piles of trash on their allotment at the Thornhill Gardens Allotment site, in Hartlepool, before stealing their grandson’s pet rabbits Barney and Tulip.

The pair reported the matter to Cleveland Police who are investigating, and also to Hartlepool Borough Council who are to send workers round to clean up the mess.

A Hartlepool Borough Council spokesman said: “We are grateful to Mrs Peel for bringing this matter to our attention and we sent staff out to investigate immediately.

“Our cleansing team will now ensure the waste is removed.”

The couple took ownership of the rabbits for their grandson Tylor Anderson, aged four, about six months ago.

But on Wednesday last week, when 48-year-old Aid went to feed them, he found that the gate to the allotment had been taken off its hinges.

Joanne, 48, of Naisberry Park, Hartlepool, has not got the heart to tell little Tylor as he would be devastated.

Joanne, who works in business control, said: “We’re really upset over it. The fact that whoever did this took the hutches as well as food hopefully means they are going to be cared for.

“I daren’t tell my grandson Tylor because he will be devastated.”

She added: “As for the flytipping, it’s just sickening. We spend a lot of time and effort down there.”

Anyone with any information can contact police on 101.