Cleveland Police issue Facebook scam warning

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CLEVELAND Police are urging users of a social networking site to be on their guard against a scam.

The scam lures victims by guaranteeing access to anyone’s Facebook account through a hack in “three simple steps”.

It instructs victims to open up their Facebook in a web browser and go to the Facebook page of the person they want to hack.

They are then told to right-click anywhere on the page and from the popup menu select “Inspect Element”.

This brings up an HTML editor at the bottom half of the web browser.

In this editor, the scam instructs readers to copy and paste a string of code given.

But the code does not do what the scammers claim it does – instead, this code grants the scammers access to the person’s own account. Hackers can then hack others and even steal details.

Facebook has warned users not to paste strange codes into browers, and victims should change their password.

Cleveland Police and ActionFraud are urging Facebook users who see this kind of scam to report it by clicking the arrow in the top right hand corner of the post and selecting “This is Spam”.