Cleveland Police looking to recruit officers for first time in five years

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CLEVELAND Police is holding a recruitment drive for the first time in five years.

The force is looking to recruit an extra 20 officers.

Mr Iain Spittal temp assistant  Chief constable, North yorkshire

Mr Iain Spittal temp assistant Chief constable, North yorkshire

And to help potential applicants, police chiefs will be hosting a web chat on Twitter this week to answer any questions budding recruits might have.

It will be conducted by Deputy Chief Constable Iain Spittal and Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger.

Deputy Chf Con Spittal said: “This is a real milestone for our force.

“The last time we recruited was in the financial year 2008/9 and with all the financial challenges we have faced recently it is a significant step for the growth and development of the force.

Barry Coppinger in Murray Street

Barry Coppinger in Murray Street

“Our selection process is designed to identify the best applicants who demonstrate that they have the capacity to take on this robust and challenging role.

“Those who complete the selection process will be promised a very rewarding career full of interesting and new experiences.”

Mr Coppinger said the force aims to have a total of 1,333 officers by next March.

He added: “These new recruits will bring with them a fresh approach and new ideas which can be carried forward by the force.

“This is an opportunity we haven’t had in this force for some time and I am delighted we are now in a position to take on new officers.

“High on the agenda whenever I attend community meetings is the issue of police officer numbers and thankfully we are now in a position to create new opportunities for the people of Teesside.”

From 2pm on Friday, May 16, applicants can log onto Cleveland Police website and be guided through the application process.

The first 500 candidates will be processed and the best applicants will be shortlisted and put forward for assessment.

To take part in Thursday’s Twitter web chat use #CPRecruit.