Cops who tackled man on village ‘rampage’ to be honoured

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A TEAM of police officers who tackled a mentally ill man while he was on a “rampage” in a quiet village are to be recognised for their bravery.

The man, who has a history or violence and assaulting police officers, had assaulted his father before returning to his girlfriend’s home address in East Durham.

Sgt David Wells, PC Gary Barnes, PC Michael Craggs, PC Aimee Crawford and PC Norman Jubb, who are all based in Peterlee, were deployed to try and locate him after concerns were raised.

They found him in the garden of his girlfriend’s home.

When he saw the officers, he armed himself with a hammer and broken glass, with a cordon placed around the house and support from taser trained officers called in.

He made threats then walked into the house and held her child up to the window.

Without warning he came out of the house screaming and ran towards the officers and launched himself at Pc Jubb.

Durham Police Federation said the level of violence that followed was the worst that any of the officers had experienced.

He aimed punches at all of them, connecting with Pc Crawford’s face and Sgt Wells, Pc Craggs and Pc Barnes were also punched.

Pc Jubb managed to hold the man in a bear hug so he could be handcuffed, with the force of the grip so severe the bicep from his left arm was torn from the bone.

The man was later detained under the Mental Health Act.

Andy Jackson, Durham Police Federation chairman, said: “This was a fast moving, extremely volatile situation and the officers courageously did all they could with little or no thought for their own personal safety.

“Their heroic and decisive actions led to the arrest of an extremely violent man intent on causing serious harm.”

The officers will be recognised at a ceremony in London on Thursday.