Criminal with shocking 248 offences on record is jailed after Hartlepool store theft

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A CRIMINAL with a “horrendous record” has been sent to jail for four weeks.

Paul Dawes, who has 248 offences to his name, was brought before Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court in custody for stealing five jars of coffee from a Sainsbury’s store in the town. The 39-year-old, of Dent Street, pleaded guilty to theft of the goods, worth £18.72, on October 13.

His solicitor Barry Gray said he committed the offence due to lack of cash.

District Judge Adrian Lower said: “You have the most horrendous record for offences of dishonesty. You have appeared in court on 106 occasions to be sentenced for 248 offences. I’m satisfied that this must be dealt with by way of immediate custody.” He was jailed for four weeks.