Dad confronted teaching assistant over claims she had sex with his son

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A MAN has told a court how he confronted a teaching assistant in his street over claims she had been having sex with his teenage son, a court heard.

Teesside Crown Court heard that, full of fury and in front of neighbours, he told 35-year-old Helen Louise Turnbull: “You are a paedophile and if you had been a man I would hit you, but I’m not going to jail for someone like you.”

The schoolboy’s father had seen her in her Mini parked 250ft from his house, and was incensed when she got out of the car in a “ridiculously short” dress.

He told the jury: “She had to pull the dress down when she got out of the car.

“All I could think of was ‘She’s dressed in a mini-dress, high heels and a full face of make-up and she’s not there to see me, she’s come to see my son’.”

Turnbull, a married mother-of-two, has admitted kissing the pupil, but said their secret relationship went no further.

She admits one count of sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of trust but denies three further counts which relate to allegations that they had sex and on two separate occasions that she performed sex acts on him in her Mini.

The witness told the court he found out from his brother about his son’s affair, and he went to the school and police.

The teenager was worried about a threat she had made to him about having him “shot” by a local family when their affair cooled, the father said.

“He was scared to death,” he added.

The boy’s father reassured him by following in his car as he walked to school with friends.

His father then drove home and spotted Turnbull, known at school as Miss Robson, parked in the street. By this stage the affair was over and the police had begun investigating.

He recognised her because he had seen her picture on Facebook, he said.

She got out of her Mini and said “something like ‘Can I have a word with you?’” he said.

“I was fuming, I was mad,” he said.

The father shouted and swore at her and called her a paedophile, to which she replied: “No, it’s not like that.”

He shouted her down, recalling: “I was mad, I kept shouting ‘You are a paedophile’.”

He added: “I think I told her to stop threatening him and leave him alone.”

He recalled: “Because I was shouting, people started coming out of the houses to see what was going on.”

Earlier, the boy told the court he broke an agreement to keep the affair secret and boasted to his friends about having sex with the literacy assistant.

Via a video-link, the teenager said: “It’s lads’ craic. At the time I was saying one thing to her and when I’m out with the boys, I’m obviously going to be telling them what we have been up to.”

The boy said Turnbull also broke the agreement by telling one of her friends what was going on.

He felt “embarrassed and disgusted” with himself and with her when his father found out, he added.

The court has heard that Turnbull, from Haswell, groomed him by giving him sweets and cuddles, and then embarked on an affair with him in secret meetings at an industrial estate.