Dad stole from his own young children to fund heroin habit

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A DAD who stole from his children to fund his heroin addiction has been jailed in shame.

Ian Kime, 30, burgled his estranged partner’s home and stole a laptop and Nintendo worth £480 belonging to their three children.

He cut his hand smashing a window at the house in Garrick Street, Hartlepool, on September 19 and he left a blood trail inside.

Prosecuting, Emma Atkinson told Teesside Crown Court that he sold them for £100 and they were not recovered.

His relationship had broken up because of his controlling and violent behaviour and his ex-partner had allowed to stay in an outhouse at the address.

He handed himself in to the police the next day saying “I cut my hand putting it through the window.”

Michael Cahill, mitigating, said Kime, who had 65 convictions for 118 offences, claimed that his ex had owed him £50 but he accepted that it was completely the wrong way to act.

Mr Cahill added: “He is disgusted that he took items belonging to his children.

“He is extremely remorseful. He has had drink and drug difficulties but he is now battling these substances, which is best done with the help of the Probation Service.”

He said that Kime had previously seen his children every day but he knew that he was not going to be allowed to do that again.

Judge Peter Bowers told Kime: “I cannot really imagine any more mean offence of stealing from your children in order to feed your own heroin addiction.”

Kime, of Masefield Road, Hartlepool, was jailed for 18 months after he pleaded guilty to burglary and theft.