‘Distinctive’ thief in court

A MAN has been given a conditional discharge after stealing a memory card when the one he originally bought broke.

Leroy Rosario, of Lister Street, Hartlepool, stole a £19.95 memory card from the town’s Tesco store.

He told police he bought one weeks before but it had broken and he couldn’t afford to replace it.

The 33-year-old, who appeared at Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court in custody having failed to attend court at the right time the previous day, admitted theft on February 29.

Neil Bennett, mitigating, said there had been a “very foolish set of circumstances” with the first memory card becoming “unworkable” and Rosario deciding to steal to replace it.

He said it was “an enterprise doomed to fail” as Rosario, who is dreadlocked and moustachioed “is pretty distinctive in appearance”.

But he added that the theft was low value and there were no other aggravating features.

Chairman of the magistrates’ bench Anthony Raine gave Rosario a six-month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £19.95 compensation and £40 costs.