Drink-driver led police on 90mph chase through Hartlepool

A Jaguar S  Type
A Jaguar S Type

A drunk driver led police on a high-speed at speeds of more than 90mph.

Magistrates in Hartlepool were told Brian Horton was driving so fast that, at one stage, he lost the police who were pursuing him.

The court heard the chase began after Horton was seen getting into his Jaguar S Type after collecting an early morning takeaway. on July 24.

Katherine Hannah, prosecuting, said “A member of the public saw him in Tasty Bites at about 1am The person was concerned and called the police, fearing Mr Horton was about to drive while clearly unfit to do so.

“His movements were initially tracked on CCTV until mobile police patrols arrived.

“He failed to stop at traffic lights when indicated to do so, making off at speed.

“He drove along a number of roads in Hartlepool, ignoring traffic lights, and sometimes on the wrong side of the road”.

“Horton was on the wrong side of Raby Road when his speed was recorded as being in excess of 90mph.”

Mr Hannah said he managed to shake off police officers and the car was later found abandoned.

She added: “Horton made off on foot, discarding the car’s keys as he did so.

“He was later arrested and found to be more than twice the legal alcohol limit for driving.”

Horton, 37, of King Oswy Drive, Hartlepool, admitted dangerous driving, driving while unfit through drink, driving with no insurance, driving while disqualified, and failing to stop when required to do so.

Ms Hannah told the magistrates their sentencing powers may be insufficient, given the serious nature of the dangerous driving, and Horton’s previous convictions for motoring offences.

The bench ordered Horton to be sentenced at Teesside Crown Court on a date to be fixed.