Drivers warned ‘belt up’

ROAD police are cracking down on people not wearing seatbelts as part of a Europe-wide operation.

Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit will be targeting people not secured properly in vehicles as part of a week-long enforcement campaign starting on Monday, March 12.

The main objective of the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) initiative is to promote the wearing of seatbelts to reduce casualties and fatalities on the roads.

Car users who are not wearing seatbelts can expect to be issued with a fixed penalty notice or to be reported for summons.

Inspector Ken Cook, of Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, said: “Motorists who do not wear seat belts are risking their lives.

“Drivers have a legal and moral duty to themselves and their passengers to ensure that everyone in their vehicle, and especially a child, is wearing a seat restraint before moving off.

“Officers will be checking that children are in appropriate car seats or restraints as this can save the life of the child and the driver, and those of other passengers in the case of a collision.

“The legislation also covers business drivers and work vans, whose drivers must also wear seatbelts.

“Our priority in this operation is to save lives and prevent having to deal with the aftermath of a collision in which someone is not wearing a seatbelt.”