Drug dealer ordered to cough up £14,000 – or face a year in jail


A DEALER has been ordered to pay back most of the money he made from selling drugs.

Gareth Dobie, 35, was the subject of a Proceeds of Crime Act at Teesside Crown Court yesterday in which he was made to pay back £14,000 of the £17,768.33 he made from selling cannabis.

The court heard only £14,000 of the total is available.

Police are already in possession of the £14,000 but Dobie must sign over the cash. If he does not do so within 28 days, he could face an extra 12 months in prison.

Dobie was jailed for two years in April after admitting possession of an offensive weapon and possession of a class B drug with intent to supply, from January 8.

The cash was found in a police raid in Oxford Road.